Tallent Box : Win Upto Rs 27,000 earns you Money in Affiliation Campaign [Trusted Site]

Tallent Box : Win Upto Rs 27,000 Worth Cash For Participating In Open Contest

Hello Dealsnloot readers,Tallent Box brings is an ultimate platform where participants can perform in a wide variety of categorized skillset in an easy yet at worldwide stage. It is an exclusive one stop portal for all the talent search contests/events, provides an easy access to participate, and notifies to grab all the opportunities that lay down without missing out that one Golden Chance.I know even 10% of our visitors would not be interested in something like this. But i have spend in hours for posting this, for those few creative visitors who really shouldn’t miss an opportunity like this.Grab This Loot Contest.

Win Upto Rs 27,000 earns you Money in Affiliation Campaign

Update : Sometime Link Will Not Work, Keep Trying Once Open Then Further Going Smooth

Steps to Participate In TallentBox Open Contest :

  • First of all Visit Link and Register Yourself – Click Here
  • If Already Registered Then Login
  • Goto My TallentBox From CONTEST Tab
  • Now From the Open Contests Calendar, Select contest
  • Choose Your External File and Upload It
  • Add an Awesome Title, a Helpful Description and Make Sure You Tag Your Entry Well to Enable Discovery
  • Click On Submit
  • Boom Your Entry Is Now Live In The Contest
  • Share Your Entry on Social Media to Let Your Followers and Fans Know That you Are Participating In a Global Contest and Your Entry Needs Their Support
  • More Views, More Votes! More Chances to Get Reward.

How to Get Votes :

  • When You Are Uploading Your Content, On The Next Page There Is an Option to Share Your Entry On Social Media
  • Later You Can Login, and Goto My TallentBox, Find Out MY STUFF Tab & Under The Tab You’ll Find Your Entry Image. Click On It and Collect Your Unique Link
  • More You Promote Your Entry, The More Votes You Get

Here is the list of Open Contests conducted by TB as for now

• TallentBox Art & Craft Contest # 2 – Awards Worth Rs 15,000
• Tallentbox Cutest Baby Contest # 1 – Awards Worth Rs 27,000
• TallentBox Friends Photography #1 – Awards Worth Rs 15,000
• TallentBox One Click Photography Contest # 3 – Awards Worth Rs 15,000
• Tallentbox Creative Writing Contest #1 – Awards Worth Rs 27,000

Follow these easy steps to upload content on TallentBox 

  • After signing-in to your account, click on your name at the top right of the page. You will reach your account area where you should click on the ‘Upload New Entry’ icon.
  • Upload your entry (video/audio/image/document) in any format from your PC. Click, ‘Upload File’. You can also provide a YouTube/Vimeo URL to your video.
  • Once the file upload is complete, give a catchy, interesting title to your entry. A good title increases the chances for your piece of content.
  • Add an appropriate category to your content. There are predefined categories you can choose from in the drop-down list.
  • Put relevant tags to your entry. The algorithm will pick up and match your entry with other entries on the basis of these tags. The more relevant the tags, the better chances your entry has, to be matched with similar content.
  • Put a thumbnail image for your content that best symbolize your entry. Thumbnail and title are the first things visible to the potential audience of your content.
  • Give a proper description to your entry. Do not be lazy in putting a well-thought description because it is the description, title, category, and tags that the algorithm picks up, matches it to other similar entries and throws it up as the opponent of other contestants in the voting process.
The better the description, the better chances your entry has, to match up with other entries resulting in better chances for getting votes.
You can broadcast your entry at the time of upload, or later, or both. When you are uploading your content, the second page offers you an option to broadcast the entry on different social networks. Later, you can log in, and go to the “My Stuff” tab where you will find a broadcast icon for each of your entry. Clicking on the icon opens the broadcast screen. You can choose to broadcast the default message provided, or personalize it to make it more effective. Remember: The more you promote your entry, the more votes you get !!!.

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Check Your Rank In Contest :

  1. One Click Photography Leaderboard
  2. Art & Craft Leaderboard
  3. Friends Photography Leader Board
  4. Cute Baby Contest Leader Board
  5. Writing Contest Leaderboard

Talent Box – Talent earns you Money- Affiliation Campaign - Slow but sure Payout

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