Prize-Box - Refer And Earn Prize And Get Points Daily (Easier Than Gokano)

Hello Frndzzz.... Back With New - Refer And Earn Prize.
Site has launched 2nd September 2015, is similar to Gokano but as we all know once it gets popular prizes go out really fast so its the right time to start early and get those points

Prize-Box - Refer And Earn Prize Get points Daily

How To Get Points - 

  1. Sign Up From Here
  2. Verify Your Email
  3. Boom You Got 22 points Instantly 
  4. You Can Check Your Points In User Profile Section
  5. Send Your Refer link To Friends and Earn More Way To Earn More Points For Prize
  6.  It A good site and Easier then Gokano 

Some of the available prizes Some of the available prizes Some of the available prizes


1. For new registration = 15 points (this month 30 points - September)
2. Daily login = 3 points
3. Successful invite friend = 5 points
4. Coupons (which you can find on home section or Facebook page) = from 2 to 10 points
5. When you have birthday = 15 points
6. If you are in this week’s top 5 members = 10 points
7. When you win prize from Friday-Giveaway, Monthly Contest or if you order anything from the site when the store is opened you can bring some of you're points back
8. For sending photos of your prize that you receive from the site = 15 points
9. Filming the unboxing and posting it on your YouTube channel = 30 points
10. And finally every Friday you can get Double or Triple points = IF YOU GET FOR EVERYDAY LOGIN 3 POINTS, THEN ON FRIDAY YOU WILL RECEIVE 6 POINT, FOR INVITING FRIENDS YOU'LL RECEIVE 10 POINTS and etc.
So, There is a lot of chance to get your points and win awesome awards for free. So Sign and try you're best to get as many points as you can ; )

Frequently asked questions

1. What is Prize-box?
Prize-box is a web portal, made to benefit its users as much as it can. Members can be a part of a lot of website activities and get rewarded for almost everything they do with points. They can later use those points to purchase a product from our shop, that opens up once a month and get it totally free.
2. How can I earn points?
You can get points for logging in, inviting friends to join, purchasing products, getting coupon codes, visiting our sponsors, ... We are also adding new ways to earn points soon. Although there are ways to earn points by spending money, you are also able to earn enough points for a prize without spending a dime.
3. Is Prize-box a scam?
No. Prize-box is 100% genuine. The website creates most of its revenue through advertising and sponsors, which allows us to offer prizes for points instead of real money. 
4. When can I order a prize from the shop?
Shopping with your points is available once a month, usually at the end of the month. We won't tell you the exact date and time, but we will give out hints, so you won't be forced to stay on our website for days.
5. Does Prize-box work internationally?
Yes, it does. If you want to be apart of our website, you just need a computer or any other device that has access to world wide web. And of course, a working internet connection.
6. When will I receive my prize box?
It usually takes up to two weeks for people inside Europe and up to one month for the rest of the world.
7. What does Friday-giveaway mean?
It means that every Friday we will give out free prizes...and also you will get double points for everything on Friday.

Note - This Site Is Not Fake Shop is Not Available Right Now Its Always Comes in End Of Month Check There Facebook Page For More Info . Unlimited Trick Post Soon

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