Loot Deal - Citrus Cube Rs.50 Cashback on the 1st bill payment on Rs. 50 + Unlimited trick

Citrus Cube is giving away Rs.50 as cashback to the user who first time recharge their mobile with Rs.50 or more in an instant using their Citrus cube app in Android & iOS devices.

How to get Rs.50 Cashback using Citrus Cube App?

This cashback offer is only valid when you use Citrus cube app. You will get Rs.50 as cashback as part of the promotional offer run by citrus.
  1. You need to download
    1. Citrus Cube  – Here
    2. Citrus Cash – Here
  2. Create an account at citrus cube
  3. Login to your citrus cube account
  4. Recharge you mobile number with Rs.50 or more
  5. You do not need to enter any citrus cube coupon
  6. Simply pay the amount using your Debit card or Credit card as your mode of payment
  7. After your recharge was a success.
  8. In your citrus cash app you will get Rs.50 credited in your Citrus Account.

How to get unlimited cashback in your citrus cash app?

This hack is only applicable to users who have Android powered devices. What we are going to do is exploit the citrus cube offer of Rs.50. To apply this, You don’t need to root your android device.
  1. Goto settings
    • Apps Manager
    • Find Citrus Cube & Citrus Cash Apk installed in it.
  2. Tap on Citrus Cube
    • Clear Data
    • Clear Cache
  3. Do the Same for Citrus cash App. Tap on Citrus cash
    • Clear Data
    • Clear cache
  4. Open Citrus Cube
    • Create an new citrus account
    • Register with a new number and verify it. You will get a OTP code in your mobile. It will automatically verify you mobile number.
    • Recharge your mobile Rs.50 or more
    • You will get Cashback in your Citrus cash app of Rs.50 after you have recharged your mobile.
    • You either use the citrus cash to recharge your mobile, dth, data and pay postpaid mobile bills or you can do shopping with the citrus cash.
  5. Transfer Citrus cash from your account to one citrus cash account in which you want to collect all your cashback of Rs.50
To get unlimited time Rs.50 Cashback in your citrus cash repeat the Steps from 1-4. Remember for every new account you create on citrus you will need new email and new mobile number to verify it.Using Net banking to pay the recharge won’t get you Rs.50 cashback in your citrus cash. Offer ends on 31th July,2015
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